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This section of the website plays host to printed or broadcast reviews, interviews and studies of Paul Gough's and other War-Artist's works, publications and exhibitions as well as media files such as film clips and linked radio interviews on realted subjects.

It further contains an expanding links page which hosts URL's of sites related to VORTEX or those that deal with similar subject matter either in terms of art work or research areas.

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'Loci Memoriae'

RT: 00:16sec Watershed Gallery 2001
Artwork 'Faux Cenotaph' by Paul Gough with additions by the public

'Loci Memoriae'
Tuesday 25th September – Sunday 11th November 2001

Filmed during Paul Gough's exhibition
'Stone', part of the combined Loci Memoriae exhibition with other invited artists held jointly at the Watershed and Architecture Centre in Bristol. During the exhibition Paul Gough altered the piece viewed here, 'Faux Cenotaph' by the adding and subtracting various artifacts and elements.

In the still very recent wake of the attack on the World Trade center in New York shortly before the show began, members of the public also made their own spontaenous additions to the work.