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This section of the website plays host to printed or broadcast reviews, interviews and studies of Paul Gough's and other War-Artist's works, publications and exhibitions as well as media files such as film clips and linked radio interviews on realted subjects.
It further contains an expanding links page which hosts URL's of sites related to VORTEX or those that deal with similar subject matter either in terms of art work or research areas.
Film and TV
'Avenues at War and Peace'
Paul Gough will be giving a presentation at the 
International Symposium on 'Avenues at War and Peace' to be held in the Vosges Mountains in November 2018.

Here, Paul describes his recent paintings and drawings about the avenue on the Western Front  battlefield.

RT: 02:10 2018
  'RMITV Alive 25 July, 2017' 'RMITV Alive 25 July, 2017' RMITV Alive 25 July, 2017
Acclaimed producer-director Sue Maslin, firebrand animator Mel Roach and the Astor Theatre’s Zak Hepburn explore how to succeed in the global creative business.

Here they are nterviewedby Pro Vice-Chancellor and Vice President of the College of Design and Social Context at RMIT University, Paul Gough.

RT: 32:38 2017
RMIT Alive
'Deception by Design' 'Deception By Design'
Artists and the military might seem strange bedfellows, but painters, sculptors, photographers and set designers have played a critical but little-known role in modern warfare. Despite resistance and often ridicule, artists were recruited in both the first and second world wars to devise ways to protect troops and deceive the enemy by using their artistic skills and intimate knowledge of perspective, illusion, shadow and movement.

Inspired by nature and influenced by the modernist movements of their day, camoufleurs created bizarre decoys, dummy tanks and elaborate sets to conceal military installations.

Now, the race is on for the ultimate in camouflage, invisibility, and artists are again the frame. Using rarely seen archive, interviews with leading experts and arresting visual graphics, this quirky and fascinating documentary reveals the untold story of the art of deception in war.

RT: 58:00 2015
Director: Jonnie Morris Producer: Kate Pappas
ABC TV Australia

  'Banksy Does New York' ‘Banksy Does New York’
What does it mean to undertake a residency when the streets are your canvas and the gallery is New York City?

Paul Gough, Pro Vice-Chancellor of the College of Design and Social Context at RMIT, is the author of "Banksy: A Bristol Legacy." (Redcliffe Press, UK, 2012)

Here he talks about his impressions of the televeised HBO Documentary "Banksy Does New York."

RT: 05:11 2015
‘Six’ ‘Six’
Chris Lewis-Smith at Bath Spa.

The film was was published on September 4th 2014 and screened twice in Helsinki in March 2015.

Shot in one take, 'Six' engages the camera as a partner in screendance choreography. Set in Bristol, England, the film takes inspiration from the Berlin subway fight scene in Jo Wright's action thriller 'Hannah' (2012) and features work from the exhibition ‘Back from the Front’ at the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol.

RT: 05:41 2014
Chris Lewis-Smith at Bath Spa

Book available at:

  'The Sound Of A Veteran' 'The Sound Of A Veteran'
‘The Sound of a Veteran’ was developed following intensive reading of memoirs from The Great War. Rather than just relying on British writing from the period, Upfront MC, read widely from German, Serbian and Turkish soldier’s work.

This approach helped inform the lyrics, but also guided Harry Gough’s choice of documentary material, which he montaged into a matching visual narrative.

RT: 03:37 2015
Words and Music by UPFRONT MC
Film Realisation: Harry Gough
'Unsung Art - Mother and Child' 'Unsung Art - Mother and Child'
'Unsung Art' was one of 30 short pieces made by Paul Gough during the late 1990's to 2000s to give a short showcase to artworks, exhibitions, and visual events in the south-west UK.

This excerpt features work of South African and Zimbabwean sculptors working in serpentine stone then on show at the Atkinson Gallery, at Millfield School, Somerset.

RT: 02:26mins ITV 1998
Presented by Paul Gough
  'Loci Memoriae' 'Loci Memoriae'
Tuesday 25th September – Sunday 11th November 2001 'Faux Cenotaph'

Filmed during Paul Gough's exhibition
'Stone', part of the combined Loci Memoriae exhibition with other invited artists held jointly at the Watershed and Architecture Centre in Bristol. During the exhibition Paul Gough altered the piece viewed here, 'Faux Cenotaph' by the adding and subtracting various artifacts and elements.

In the still at the time, very recent wake of the attack on the World Trade center in New York shortly before the show began, members of the public also made their own and higly personal and often moving, spontaenous additions to the work.

RT: 00:16sec Watershed Gallery 2001
Artwork 'Faux Cenotaph' by Paul Gough
Additions by the public during the course of the exhibition
'Don McCullin - Redundant Warrior' 'Don McCullin - Redundant Warrior'
Made for the ITV network in 1991-2, 'Don McCullin - Redundant Warrior' is a documentary about the war photographer's work, his reflections upon that work, the effect upon his life and state of well-being and how he has learned to cope with what he has witnessed and how he has come to turn his camera on nature to help square that mental and emotional circle.

The film shows some of McCullin's strong and disturbing images taken in several war zones throughout the second half of the Twentieth Century, the effects on the local populations, especially the children, as well as the soldiers sent out to fight. Through a series of interviews with Paul Gough, McCullin talks about his deep feelings of guilt, his own 'disfigurement' by war and the ‘black conscience’ it left him with. In these probing discussions McCullin clearly reveals the deep inner turmoil he has suffered and continues to suffer as a result of what he has seen and recorded. The documentary, directed by award-winning David Hopkins and produced by Abigail Davies, is a moving tribute to those he caught on camera in his attempts to inform the wider world of the real cost and lasting effects of war.

Don McCullin has been the recipient of many awards for his work, including the
World Press Photo Award in 1964 for his coverage of the war in Cyprus, the Warsaw Gold Medal the same year, the Royal Photographic Society's Special 150th Anniversary Medal and Honorary Fellowship (HonFRPS) in recognition of a sustained, significant contribution to the art of photography in 2003, their Centenary Medal in 2006 and several honorary doctorates and fellowships among others.

RT: 24:40mins HTV 1991-2
Research and Interview: Paul Gough
Producer: Abigail Davies
Director: David Hopkins