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Conference Papers
Conference papers

Selected conference papers:

Painters of War, Recovery and Resurrection: Paul Nash and Stanley Spencer University of Bristol Art Lectures 2014 ’Artists and the Two World Wars’, 'Painters of War, Recovery and Resurrection: Stanley Spencer and Paul Nash’ Other speakers include Professor Christopher Frayling on H G Wells, Dr Daniel Grimley on Vaughan Williams, Professor Andrew Kelly on Lewis Milestone. 11 November 2014
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Banksy - Command, Commission and Control CCP Centre for Contemporary Photography and Melbourne Festival Lost and Found: Ethics, subjecthood, and contemporary art 22nd October 2014
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Congested terrain: contested memories. Visualising the multiple spaces of war and remembrance, Royal Geographic Society, RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, London, 27-29th August 2014
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A Commission in the Army, Cardiff University Conference on Visual Culture of the First World War, 13 November 2014
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‘Cultivating the moral high ground’, National Memorial Arboretum / Royal British Legion symposia on Remembrance, Commemoration and Memorials, Staffordshire (11 February 2010)

"Gathering information" soldier-artists, sketchbooks and surveillance on the Western Front
, 'Collecting War: Trench Art, Souvenirs - manufacture and representation, In Flanders Fields Museum, Ypres, Belgium, 17 - 19 April 2009.

‘Best we forget?’ Construction, reconstruction and re-enactment on battlefields of the British Empire,
‘Scars’ conference, Group for War and Cultural Studies, University of Bristol, 24 March 2009

'Contested Remembrance’, Doing Justice to the Land, MB Reckitt Trust Conference, St Paul’s Cathedral, London, 24 February 2009

‘Recreated on canvas’: the role of battlefield art as a commemorative medium’
, The Archaeology of Contemporary Commemoration, Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) conference, University of Southampton, 15 - 17 December 2008.

'Insurrection: Resurrection: reviving the dead in the work of Stanley Spencer, Otto Dix and Jeff Wall'
- Constructions of Death, Mourning, and Memory Conference, WAPACC Organization, New Jersey, USA, October 27-29, 2006
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'3rd University College London/Imperial War Museum Conference on Materialities and Cultural Memory of 20th Century Conflict'
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Towards the creation of a ‘sacred national shrine’:
the National Memorial Arboretum as a landscape of civilian, military and corporate memory
Conference paper abstract MIRIAD MMU November 2004
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‘Calculating the future’
– panoramic sketching, reconnaissance drawing and the material trace of war'  
Conflict, Memory and material culture: the Great War 1914-2004, The Second University College London/Imperial War Museum Conference on Materialities and Cultural Memory of 20th-Century Conflict, Imperial War Museum, London (11th September 2004)
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'The body heroic: representations of event and historical exactitude in the work of the official regimental artist'
- The Body at War: Somatic Cartographies of Western Warfare in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Group for War and Cultural Studies, 8th Annual Conference, University of Westminster, London (25th -26th June 2004)
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‘The challenge of representing ‘Peace’ in sculptural form’
- Fourth National Public History Conference, Ruskin College, Oxford (26 April 2003)

‘Creating communities of peace, protest and intervention’
- War, Communities and Visual Culture, 29th annual conference, Association of Art Historians, UCL and Birkbeck College (11-13th April 2003)

‘Rob all my comrades’– the Pictorial Value of the Front-line Medical Orderly and Stretcher Bearer in the Iconography of the Western Front
- ‘War, Art and Medicine’ conference University College, London / National Portrait Gallery, London, (8 - 9 November 2002). Also, panel member with John Keane (1991 Gulf War artist) and BBC news reporter Kate Adie)
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‘Public art and corporate patronage: a case study’
- Legible Cities conference, Bristol (with Iain Biggs/Stuart Clamp) (3rd April, 2003)

'Artistic records’ - the Regimental Artist, Historical Narrative and Hidden Commemoration'
- War and Visual Culture in 20th Century Europe, Group for War and Culture Studies, Westminster University, Stirling University (20 April 2002)
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‘Theatres of remembrance remembering the Western Front’
- Second National Public History Conference, Ruskin College, Oxford (12 May 2001)

'Forgive and Forget: the Case against Remembrance Sunday'
Public History Now, First National Conference, Ruskin College, Oxford (20 May 2000)
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‘Modernism and Monumentalism: Canada’s part in the development of a memorial architecture
- Canadian Military History Conference, University of Ottawa, Canada (5 - 9 May 2000)
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‘Representations of a war’
- 'War and Conflict in 20th century Ireland' conference, Ulster Museum, Belfast (4 February 2000)

‘Unknown Warrior: over-known princess: mass mourning in London’
Cross Currents Conference, Exeter Phoenix Arts (13 - 14 March 1999)

‘War through the wrong end of the telescope’
- IAMA Symposium on War Art, Musee de L’ Armee, Invalides, Paris (15 - 18 November 1998)


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