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Featured Artist

As a new feature in the War Artist's section, periodically we showcase a different artist and their work in this field. The current Featured Artist is Anthony Boswell.

Anthony Boswell

May 2008

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Anthony studied graphic design at Birmingham and then spent a short while in advertising. He has lectured on his own drawing courses and had local exhibitions of work with both private and corporate sales. He now works on his current projects after both landscape, figure and abstract work. His works are often large scale.
    'I aim to explore the relationship between figure and landscape. To me, the soldiers/officers of world war one had a
    unique relationship with the landscape by living and dying within it. The paintings should encourage solitude, peace
    and storytelling, bringing subject and viewer together.

    I aim to pave the way for remembrance and feelings for the individuals rather than a broad sweep of history. I aim not
    to portray sentimentality but empathy, not sadness but a narrative of distant or shared experiences.'
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