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Paul Gough
'‘The elsewhere of my mind…’: reflections on the art of Stanley Spencer’'

Introduction to Sophie Hatchwell, Paul Gough, Simon Shaw-Miller, Auctioning Stanley Spencer: Oil Painting Sales 1990-2015, Piano Nobile, London, 2016, ISBN10 1901192415.

Further information:

The Nobile Index is a series of monographic publications of art sales prices achieved at auction, for a selection of leading 20th-century British artists. Stanley Spencer, arguably one of the greatest British artists of the twentieth-century, is also renowned for his chequered sales history and money struggles.

This rigorous study into the prices his work now commands at auctions demonstrates the significance of major sales over the past twenty-five years and the increasing value the market places upon Spencer's paintings.

The publication comes in two sections - an introduction by renowned Spencer specialist
Professor Paul Gough, results and analysis, and a booklet insert of appendices.

See: Auctioning Stanley Spencer: Oil Painting Sales