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This section of the site will contain braodcast radio and television interviews with PaulGough, as well as those that may be generated for the purposes of this site, concerning aspects of his work as a practicing artist, researcher and educator. Material will be added to this page as it becomes available.

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Artists and Activism: Debate
We’re used to seeing Hollywood actors, musicians, performers and other celebrities lending their names and faces to a variety of causes but is there a similar expectation, indeed a responsibility, for artists to also enter the public arena and engage in political activity? Do all artists have to be like Ai Weiwei? Highlights of the
'Arts and Activism' debate that artists have a responsibility to speak on political and social issues presented by the National Gallery of Victoria, 20 April 2016.

Hugh de Kretser, Executive Director of the Human Rights Law Centre, Melbourne, Jefa Greenaway, Greenaway Architects, Camberwell, Victoria, Professor Paul Gough, RMIT University Melbourne and Professor Alison Young, University of Melbourne.

ABC RN, Australia, Presented by
Paul Barclay. Broadcast Wednesday 15 June 2016 8:05PM

RT: 52:56

 'Arts and Activism'

'Dismaland' Bemusement Park
Chances are you’ve heard of
Banksy‘s new creation, the twisted ‘Bemusement Park’, Dismaland in Weston-Super-Mare, a faded seaside resort on the South West coast of England. Dubbed as one of the UK’s ‘most disappointing new visitor attractions’, the park also features work from a number of other artists, including Damien Hirst.

Graeme Watson talked to eminent Bansky expert, RMIT Pro-Chancellor and Design and Social Context Vice-President, Professor Paul Gough, and they took a look inside the park and the mind of its creative creator on Artbeat.

RT: 09:42
Graeme Watson Artbeat, RTR FM 92.1

'Dismaland' Bemusement Park

'The Urban Animators: Living Laboratory'
RMIT artists will make their mark on Melbourne’s CBD with the rare opportunity to showcase their work on prominent public canvases scattered across the City campus.
Paul Gough was interviewed by Red Symonds on local radio about 'The Urban Animators: Living Laboratory' which will allow RMIT’s globally-renowned creative community to transform and enliven the City campus over the two-and-a-half year public art initiative, 'The New Academic Street'. The first public art projection screening kicks off on Tuesday 18 August, 2015.

The projection exhibition will take place each evening from dusk until late until Monday 24 August. Six student, staff and alumni artworks have been commissioned for the 20-minute loop, with the opening centrepiece by RMIT alumnus and artist,
Freya Pitt entitled We Are Always Making.

RT: 04:38
Red Symonds, ABC Radio, Melbourne

The Urban Animators: Living Laboratory

Banksy: 'Dismaland' Bemusement Park
A new theme park is taking the world by storm in uncharacteristically drab fashion. Bemusement park Dismaland in Weston-Super-Mare on the South West holiday coast of Britian is the latest creation by renowned street artist
'Banksy', and among its attractions are oil caliphate crazy golf and a Mediterranean boat ride (complete with asylum seekers).

Paul Gough is interviewed by Patricia Karvelas for Radio station ABC's 'RN Drive' programme about this latest edition to the growing Banksy oeuvre.

RT: 05:04 21/08/2015  ABC's 'RN Drive' with
Patricia Kavelas


'Banksy in Gaza' (excerpt from '8 Birthdays and 3 Wars) 01/07/2015 Newstalk 106-108 FM
In the Summer of 2014 Israel and Hamas went to war. After 50 days, 439 children were amongst the 2000 dead civilians in the Gaza Strip.

For the 1.8 million Gazan people, 1 million of whom are children, tensions remain high in 2015. Their home place is surrounded by 25 meter walls and an army on one side, and by Israeli gun boats at sea on the other.

In an excerpt from '8 Birthdays, 3 Wars' Newstalk presenter Chris Donoghue reports from Gaza on the daily struggle to live, the work of UNICEF and the hopes and fears for the future of an 8-year-old Gazan who has already seen 3 wars, and talks to Paul Gough about the overnight appearance of a unique Mural of a kitten by the artist, 'Banksy', the cultural and financial issues arising for the man upon whose wall it appears, and the feelings of the local people who have seen it and live with it.

RT: 07:17 01/07/2015 Newstalk 106-108 FM


'Wood and Trees: War and Remembrance' BBC Radio 3 'Free Thinking' 1 July 2014
From Paul Nash paintings of blasted tree stumps in the first world war to today's commemorative planting: Paul Gough, Gabriel Hemery and Gail Ritchie join Samira Ahmed to explore woods in war and peacetime
'Wood and Trees: War and Remembrance'

For many though, the paintings of Paul Nash, with their scenes of smashed solitary tree stumps standing in empty battlefields are a multi-layered evocation of that war's futility, horror and waste. Samira takes a look at Paul Nash's 1918 painting
'We Are Making A New World' and talks to the artist, writer and Nash expert Paul Gough about this and other iconic Nash images and whether they have new messages for us today. They'll be joined by forest scientist Gabriel Hemery of the New Sylva Foundation to talk about the links between war and forest stock over time and Northern Irish artist Gail Ritchie whose current work explores some of Nash's themes in visual representations of present day conflicts and loss.
(duration: 45'00)

Paul Gough: iconography of commemoration

Paul Gough: iconography of commemoration 08 November 2009
Paul Gough is interviewed by Radio New Zealand's Chris Laidlaw for his Sunday Morning National programme on 8 November 2009 in anticipation of his visit to Aotearoa, New Zealand to participate in
Blow '09, Massey University's creative art festival
(duration: 16'43)

'War Memorials' BBC Radio 4 8 August 2002

'War Memorials' BBC Radio 4 8 August 2002
At the time of this programme, Despite the fact that many thousands of women contributed to the war effort there was no dedicated war memorial to women in the United Kingdom.

Betty Boothroyd is Patron of the Memorial to the Women of the Second World War and has been spearheading the campaign in the House of Lords to have a women's war memorial erected in London's Whitehall. Betty Boothroyd and Paul Gough from the University of the West of England join Martha Kearney on
BBC Radio 4 'Women's Hour' on 8 August 2002 to discuss the progress of the project to commemorate the contribution made by women in 20th century conflict and to look at the history and purpose of war memorials.
(duration: 10'46)